Landlord-Tenant Collaboration (Transparent Energy)

For one building owner, a tenant in a triple-net lease established the goal of reducing its carbon emissions in line with the Paris Accord by purchasing 100 percent renewable energy for its offices by the year 2030. To achieve this goal, the company had already begun purchasing Green-e certified RECs to cover 100 percent of […]

Renewable Energy Strategies for Real Estate — On-Site Project Profile: Scaling Up On-Site Solar (Prologis)

A global owner, operator, and developer of logistics real estate, Prologis incorporates the global energy team into Prologis Essentials, a platform to help its customers (building tenants) access various services and solutions for their warehouses. This platform seeks to resolve customer pain points, from racking and forklifts to meeting renewable targets and accessing renewable energy. […]

Renewable Energy Strategies for Real Estate — On-Site Project Profile: Renewable Energy as Part of the Pathway to Achieve Net Zero Carbon (Hudson Pacific Properties)

Hudson Pacific Properties, a real estate investment trust (REIT) with over 19 million square feet (1.8 million sq m) of office and studio properties, believes that climate change is one of the greatest risks to the environment and recognizes real estate’s critical role in being a part of the solution. Reducing the portfolio’s carbon footprint […]

Renewable Energy Strategies for Real Estate — On-Site Project Profile: Long-Term Value from On-Site Renewable Energy (Heitman)

Heitman, a global real estate investment management firm, carefully considers ESG principles during the investment process. This provides opportunities to create value, reduce risk, and enhance investment returns. Heitman is also committed to reducing operational carbon emissions of the private equity portfolio under its control to net zero by 2030. Acquiring assets that have implemented […]

Renewable Energy Strategies for Real Estate — Unique On-Site Solar Energy Deal Structure (LaSalle Investment Management)

LaSalle Investment Management’s LaSalle Logiport REIT (“LLR,” a real estate investment trust established in Japan, or J-REIT) has several environmental objectives, including reducing the environmental impact of its business and its client’s real estate holdings. For LLR, on-site solar energy generation is one way to increase revenue in its existing portfolio. Thirteen of the J-REIT’s […]

Renewable Energy Strategies for Real Estate — Achieving a Quick Payback through Direct Ownership (The Tower Companies)

The Tower Companies, a privately owned real estate developer and property management company, installed 122 kilowatts of rooftop solar on Blair House, a 12-story, 310-unit 1960s multifamily building in Silver Spring, Maryland. The solar installation is estimated to generate more than 150,000 kWh annually and about 10 percent of the building’s total energy demand. Tower […]

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