About Case Studies

The ULI case studies site showcases real ULI member projects and developments that are especially innovative in their approach and that employ best practices in real estate and urban development. This site provides a wide range of information on a variety of development project types, all in one searchable format.

ULI case studies include:

  • A detailed description of the project and the development process
  • The story behind the development and the lessons learned, including comments from the developers and other principals involved
  • Photos, site plans, floor plans, and a development timeline
  • Site and building data, development cost data, sales and rent figures, vacancy rates, and financial data
  • Printable PDFs
  • Videos about the project, including key player interviews (more recent case studies only)
  • Interactive maps, including satellite and street views of the site area (more recent case studies only)


“Case Studies” vs “Briefs”

ULI case studies are long-format and include the information above. This site includes mostly case studies and are available to ULI members only.

Briefs are shorter versions of ULI case studies and include fewer details and no video. Some briefs focus on one specific aspect of a project and/or are drawn from other ULI reports and publications. Some briefs are open to nonmembers on this site via guest accounts.


Who Uses ULI Case Studies?

Developers, architects, consultants, public officials, and investors looking for new ideas, practical guidance, and inspiration when undertaking new development projects can all benefit from the site. Case studies also make for excellent educational tools for professors, students, young professionals, community groups, and anyone interested in learning about the development and land use process. By providing an inside look at the ideas and strategies used to develop exemplary projects, ULI case studies can be invaluable for aspiring and veteran land use professionals of all types.

ULI members have access to the full case studies site, including all briefs and case studies.

Nonmembers have limited access to the site. Nonmembers can sign in via a guest account and read any of the “free look” briefs. To get full access to the site, and to unlock a number of additional benefits and resources, become a ULI member.


Contribute A Case Study

ULI members can suggest and submit projects for inclusion on this site here on navigator.uli.org. You’ll gain visibility for your outstanding work and help inspire other members in future projects.


Case Study Archives

This website includes all ULI case studies and briefs from 1994 to present. Full-length case studies from 1994 to present are also available and searchable on knowledge.uli.org. You can find past files, starting from 1971 (then called “Project Reference Files”) summarized in this document, or you can contact customer service ([email protected]) to request individual print copies.


Other Questions?

Contact [email protected] or ULI customer service ([email protected]) for more information.


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