Univermag Ukraina

Developed by NCH Capital Inc., Univermag Ukraina, in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev, is the redevelopment of a Soviet-era department store situated near the city’ ™s Central Railway Station. The country’ ™s first destination retail location, Univermag Ukraina includes a basement-level supermarket and three floors of mid-tier retailers, topped by a fourth floor containing a food court, a multiscreen cinema, a dance club, and an Internet cafe©. The project features attached parking, a steel-and-concrete interior updated to international standards, and a renovated glass exterior that plays on the building’ ™s national recognition factor. Improving on an old standby, Univermag Ukraina provides shoppers with affordable, high-quality products and leisure options in a convenient, upscale setting. When it opened in December 2003, the complex already was 98 percent leased.

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