Mandurah Ocean Marina

The 62-hectare (153-ac) Mandurah Ocean Marina is a waterfront hub and major tourist destination adjacent to the central business district of Mandurah, a city located about an hour’s drive south of Perth, Western Australia’s capital. With a thriving tourism industry, Mandurah is one of the fastest-growing urban areas in Australia.

Fulfilling a 30-year community vision for a world-class boating and tourism facility, Mandurah Ocean Marina overcame major stakeholder differences, enabling positive outcomes for all involved: adjoining landowners, clubs, and residents. The development was created on a strip of underused — and in some areas derelict — oceanfront land. Composed of North Harbour and South Harbour, linked by a pedestrian bridge, the development offers a mix of residences, hotels, shops, restaurants and cafés, entertainment venues, mooring facilities for large and small boats, and activities for boating and fishing enthusiasts. Specifically, it includes 2,500 square meters (26,900 sf) of office space; 16,000 square meters (172,200 sf) of retail, restaurant, and entertainment facilities; a 24,000-square-meter (258,300- sf) marina; 281 hotel rooms; 410 residences; and 1,700 parking spaces.

Harvest Lakes

A 115-hectare (284-acre), 1,000-unit development located in Cockburn, a town situated 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Perth, Australia, Harvest Lakes was developed by LandCorp, the development agency for the state of Western Australia. Designed with sustainability in mind, the project has been subject to certain building conditions and restrictions such as a minimum five-star Home Energy Rating, energy efficiency, positioning to maximize solar exposure in winter, and minimization of construction waste. At the edge of Harvest Lakes, a mixed-use village center oriented around a rail station is under development, commercial leasing is expected to begin in 2010. Currently, the community comprises a park-and-ride facility for the next-closest station, which is only a short ride away. In addition, the project links to a bicycle system that follows the freeway into Perth.