Health and Social Equity in Real Estate — Schuylkill Yards

Community-Serving Park and Comprehensive Neighborhood Investment at the Schuylkill Yards Development At Schuylkill Yards, Brandywine Realty Trust—a national, fully integrated REIT—went beyond bricks and mortar to respond to the needs of the West Philadelphia community in the long-term master plan for the 14-acre site. The team has prioritized health and social equity with a $16.4 […]

Menomonee Valley Industrial Center (MVIC) and Three Bridges Park

[Quick Facts] [Project Summary] [Introduction] [The Valley] [The Site] [Background] [How it Came Together] [Health and the Environment] [The Developer and the Idea] [Menomonee Valley Industrial Center] [The Stormwater Park] [Job Creation Requirements] [The First Buyer] [Recreation and Entertainment Developments] [Three Bridges Park] [Sales Procedures and Principles] [Design and Development Guidelines] [Development Finance] [Results] [Observations […]

105 Victoria Street

Conceived as a new destination for the West End, 105 Victoria Street is a mixed-use development that will pioneer innovations in sustainability, provide spaces that enhance wellbeing and reinstate a sense of community in London’s Victoria. This development’s world-class office accommodation has been designed to be flexible and long-life to accommodate rapidly evolving ways of […]

Net Zero Deal Profile: HopeWorks Station North

Executive Summary HopeWorks Station North is a net zero–ready development at which affordable housing, workforce development, and job training combine with innovative sustainability elements to improve the life of residents and help the planet. Owned by HopeWorks and Housing Hope, the mixed-use retail and multifamily housing development provides comprehensive housing, social services, and job reentry […]

ULI Greenprint Annual Performance Report Vol 9 – LaSalle’s Holistic Energy Retrofits

LaSalle Investments’ 2020 K Street in Washington, D.C., is an 11-story multitenant structure built in 1974 with a fitness center, parking garage, and rooftop terrace. Since acquisition in 2010, LaSalle has been continually upgrading the building to achieve a holistic retrofit as part of its investment strategy. Initiatives include the following: variable frequency drives (VFDs) […]

Nature Positive and Net Zero – Howard Hughes Corporation Systematically Preserves Open Space

The Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) is the owner, developer, and manager of commercial, residential, and mixed-use real estate across the United States, including a portfolio of master -communities (MPCs). HHC’s legacy is built on the stewardship and long-term success of its communities though profound respect for nature, community, connectivity, and passion for innovation. Preserving and […]

Nature Positive and Net Zero – Green Cities Company and Salmon Safe Certification

The Green Cities Company is a real estate investor and developer that pursues green certifications for each asset in its portfolio. At 5 MLK, a 17-story mixed-use building with 220 apartment units, 120,000 square feet of office space, and 15,000 square feet of retail space in Portland, Oregon, a Salmon Safe certification label was achieved […]

Deal Profile: Entegrity Energy Partners’ NetWork Building

The Site and Neighborhood  Entegrity Energy Partners—an energy services, sustainability, and solar development company—developed a net zero commercial office space for company use, along with 28 market-rate apartments in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas. This structure combines Entegrity’s new office building with 28 market-rate apartments to form a three-story mixed-use development. The decision to include apartments along […]

Health and Social Equity in Real Estate — theMART (Vornado Realty Trust)

Healthy Living and Community Showcases at theMART Vornado Realty Trust, a fully integrated real estate investment trust (REIT) focused primarily on office and retail properties, undertook the redevelopment of theMART, an iconic Chicago Riverwalk property. The project demonstrates how an existing building can become a community hub that also promotes health and well-being. theMART, located […]

Electrify — 30 Van Ness, San Francisco, California (Lendlease)

Lendlease’s 30 Van Ness is its first all-electric mixed-used development in the United States, and the decision to be all electric was made long before San Francisco passed a citywide no-gas policy for new construction. With 250,000 square feet of commercial office space, 330 condominiums (of which 25 percent will be affordable housing), 4,000 square […]

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