Regent Park

Originally built in 1948, Regent Park is undergoing a decades-long redevelopment from low-income public housing to a mixed-income neighborhood with a focus on community health, economic development, and relocation supports.

The impetus for redevelopment began 25 years ago, stemming both from residents who demanded neighborhood improvements and from the foresight of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), which also recognized the growing need for significant repairs. TCHC is leading the transformation—expected to be complete around 2030—and has prioritized health-promoting features such as parks, athletic grounds, a community center, and the area’s first supermarket. TCHC has also ensured that all original residents have the right to return to Regent Park and that they will be rehoused in an appropriate replacement unit.

City Market at O

City Market at O is a 3.5-acre development on two city blocks in the heart of Washington, D.C.’s historic Shaw neighborhood. Home to the only grocery store in the neighborhood, the development features multifamily rental housing, senior housing, retail and restaurants, open spaces, and a hotel. In the 19th century, the site accommodated a public market, which City Market at O seeks to emulate. City Market at O blends seamlessly into its walkable neighborhood, giving its residents access to many amenities within the development along with easy access to downtown, nearby restaurants, and the Metro. Through a mix of private and public financing, City Market at O has been able to draw together many different interests in this project, propelling a course of redevelopment in this once-struggling neighborhood. A working partnership with the community during the planning phase helped ensure that the project would properly serve existing neighbors while drawing new residents to both its luxury and affordable housing offerings. The dialogue between developers and neighbors on City Market at O resulted in a new development that reinvigorated a historic neighborhood.