Altmarkt-Galerie is a mixed-use retail development in the centre of Dresden, Germany, that features a shopping centre containing 64,400 square metres (693,200 sq ft) of gross leasable area (GLA) that was originally opened in 2002 and later expanded in 2009–2011. The project also includes a 5,300-square-metre (57,049 sq ft) hotel and 7,300 square metres (78,577 sq ft) of office space. The first phase of the project includes three modern blocks, arranged north to south in a courtyard—surrounded on three sides by existing four- to six-storey residential apartment buildings. The modern blocks are connected by glass-covered pedestrian walkways. An extension, which opened in 2011, added 19,200 square metres (206,700 sq ft) across a T bar–shaped block at the north of the original site. During the expansion, an existing 1960s office block was demolished and replaced with a modern building, while a listed building was renovated. The expansion added 93 retail shops on three floors, with offices and a hotel above.