Embodied Carbon – Project Profile: Civic Grove Redevelopment Proposal (Morgan Creek Ventures)

Real estate developer Morgan Creek Ventures focuses on net-zero-energy design and other highlevel sustainability advancements in real estate development. To show how embodied carbon can be reduced for a potential project, Morgan Creek Ventures determined an over 40 percent reduction in embodied carbon by calculating the differences between a baseline building and a building with […]

Embodied Carbon – Project Profile: Nishi Building

The Nishi Building in Canberra, Australia, balances sustainability with human-focused design and provides another notable example of using low carbon materials in real estate development. A mixed-use development that includes 233,653 square feet of multifamily residential space and 524,442 square feet of commercial space, including office space, a hotel, retail, and a movie theater, the […]

Embodied Carbon – Project Profile: Carbon12

Carbon12, from Kaiser Group and Path Architecture, was, at the time of its completion in 2018, the tallest cross-laminated timber (CLT) building in the United States. At 85 feet tall, the development in Portland, Oregon, is an eight-story multifamily residential building and pioneering CLT project. CLT is a very strong and lightweight timber structural material, […]

Embodied Carbon – Project Profile: Circl

ABN AMRO Bank’s approximately 30,000-squarefoot Circl Pavilion in heart of the Zuidas business district of Amsterdam shows the potential for deep carbon reductions and the power of planning for a building’s entire life cycle. With the Dutch government announcing a national goal to transition to a 50 percent circular economy by 2030 and fully circular […]