Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown is an urban infill project on the 6.9-hectare (17-ac) former headquarters site of the Defense Agency, a cabinet-level ministry of the Japanese government, in the Roppongi district of the capital city. The project includes a 248-meter (814-ft) skyscraper surrounded by five buildings with luxury apartments, high-end retail space, 311,176 square meters (3.35 million sf) of office space, and a world-class medical facility. The 564,000 square meters (6.07 million sf) of floor area is concentrated in one quadrant of the site, leaving over 40 percent of the project area reserved for an expansive, urban park that links to the community greenbelt.

East Liberty

Because investing posed a high risk for private developers in this Pittsburgh neighborhood, local government played a pivotal role in early revitalization efforts. Located near downtown, East Liberty borders both a more affluent community and a lower-income community. A key first project, a home-improvement center brought residents together and kicked off two decades of revitalization. As the neighborhood transformed, perceptions of the market changed, and private developers gained the confidence to invest more heavily. The proportion of government subsidies declined, housing values rose dramatically, and crime fell by half.

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