Perspectives Charter School

The Perspective Charter School’s new building, which was completed in August 2004, reflects its founders’ principles for an ideal school environment. Perspectives was one of the first public charter schools in Chicago; the success of its first campus, which is in South Chicago, spawned the formation of this campus in the South Loop, a neighborhood that is characterized by light-industrial shed buildings and renovated loft residences. The new school building occupies the acute end of a 1.25-acre (0.51 ha) triangular site that had been a parking lot. The 30,000-square-foot (2,787 m2) facility serves 350 students in grades six through 12—86 percent of whom come from economically disadvantaged households. Classrooms are oriented around a two-story multipurpose room that is decorated with multilingual graphics taken from the school’s mission statement. This room serves as the structure’s “living room” and is used as a cafeteria, main assembly hall, and central social space.