Wuxi Li Lake Parklands

In an impressively short time of three years, the city of Wuxi has transformed a neglected lake in a tourism-dependent region into an environmental and civic asset, attracting development investment and expanding the region’s tourism base. Li Lake (or Lihu), 5.5 kilometers (3.4 mi) from Wuxi city’s center, was run-down, and the shore was crowded with outmoded fish farms, with no space for the public realm. The lake and the waterfront were underused as a public and recreational resource. For a region whose tourism industry accounts for 10 percent of revenue, it was an intolerable situation. Today, in place of the fish farms are an improved shoreline and new parklands of open lawn areas, floral gardens, waterfront promenades and plazas, and attractions for the citizens of Wuxi and visitors.

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