Circuit Trails

The Circuit is a growing regional trail network that connects destinations across Greater Philadelphia. Consisting of paths that link city centers, transit hubs, parks, and recreational destinations, the Circuit allows pedestrians and bicyclists to travel among urban, suburban, and rural destinations without having to use a motor vehicle.

With 300 miles (483 km) in place and ongoing progress toward the goal of reaching 750 miles (1,200 km) of trails before 2040, the Circuit is emerging as a key component of the overall transportation system in Greater Philadelphia. The real estate community has taken notice. Developers building near the Circuit have noted trail access as a key amenity for residential and commercial properties, and homeowners close to Circuit trails are experiencing increased property values.

Dragon Lake Bridge Park

Beijing and Shanghai enjoy tremendous attention for their bold new development, but many of China’s often overlooked second-tier cities are engaging in endeavors that are just as intrepid. Dragon Lake Bridge Park in the city of Bengbu, located in Anhui Province, provides a powerful example of how landscape design can transform a city’s identity as well as the way people connect with one another and with nature. AECOM’s design of the $40 million, 25-hectare (62-ac) park succeeds in enhancing the environment and quality of life for the city as a whole, in promoting tourism and investment, and in creating a contemporary space that celebrates local culture while strengthening public awareness of the natural and built environments.

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