Miasteczko Wilanów

A city shattered during the 20th century by two world wars, Warsaw, over the last two decades, has too often been developed in an exploitative and incoherent manner. Miasteczko Wilanów, a new town for more than 20,000 residents approximately ten kilometers (6 mi) southeast of the city center, is a modern incarnation of the urban typology that Warsaw lost during the last century: a mixed-use, architecturally rich, pedestrian-oriented district. With a planned 240,500 square meters (2.6 million sf) of office, 68,000 square meters (732,000 sf) of retail, and 19,500 residential units underway, the new town has contributed to a rise in land value, from $50 per square meter ($4.65 per sf) to $470 per square meter ($43.66 per sf) as of 2010.