Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls is a collection of six privately owned warehouses that flank previously abandoned land used for junk storage and garbage in the urban core of Miami. In creating Wynwood Walls, the building facades were transformed into canvases and the open land area was converted to a gallery floor. The result is an outdoor “museum of the streets” by developer and placemaker Tony Goldman of Goldman Properties. It is one of the largest concentrated public displays of world-class street art, including more than 30 major works of art on giant wall canvases produced by internationally acclaimed artists from more than 15 countries. The Walls surround and encompass 1.65 acres of land that now provide multiple areas for the public to enjoy, free of charge. The Wynwood Walls is the primary catalyst behind the transformation of Wynwood into one of the hottest new creative and culturally significant neighborhoods in the United States.

The Walls now stand as the heart of the neighborhood and the destination for locals and tourists alike. After only a few years of development, Wynwood has transformed into one of the most walkable, creative, and exciting experiences in the Miami area. Wynwood has been rated one of the coolest neighborhoods with an exceptional street scene by many well-regarded sources such as Vogue, Forbes, and Cushman & Wakefield.

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